Our Staff

Dr Mah (Mahmoud) Abdulrahman


Dr. Mah has an impressive 18-year career as a dentist, making him a trusted and experienced practitioner in the field of dentistry. His journey has provided him with a deep well of knowledge and expertise, which he enthusiastically brings to dental care.

What truly fuels Dr. Mah’s commitment is his genuine passion for restoring people’s smiles. This heartfelt dedication extends to his special interest in dental implants and various aspects of oral surgery, where he continually strives for excellence.

Dr. Mah’s approach to patient care is characterised by kindness and a genuine connection with those he serves. His gentle nature creates a welcoming and comfortable environment, ensuring that each patient feels at ease in the dental chair.

When you choose Dr. Mah as your dentist, you can be confident in the quality of care you receive. Beyond the clinical aspects, his warm and personable demeanor ensures that you leave each appointment not only with improved oral health but also with a genuine smile on your face.

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