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Root Canal Therapy becomes necessary when the nerve of the tooth or the pulp becomes infected or diseased

Root Canal Treatment Brisbane

At Divine Digital Dentistry​ we provide many treatments that deal with the overall health of the teeth and gums. Endodontics is a special field in Dentistry which deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disorders in the dental pulp.

Endodontic Therapy, commonly known as Root Canal, is a treatment that is designed to save teeth that are already diseased or injured. Here at Divine Digital Dentistry​, we make it a point to save teeth and not just replace them. In the past, diseased or infected teeth would have simply been extracted. Our Dentists offer conservative treatment to our patients and will ensure every possible step is taken to save teeth.

When is a Root Canal Needed?

Root Canal Therapy becomes necessary when the nerve of the tooth or the pulp becomes infected or diseased. The treatment will involve removing the nerve of the tooth. If the diseased or infected pulp is not removed, bacteria will begin to grow within the tooth, which will result in pain, facial swelling and may develop an abscess, which can also result in tooth loss.

Some Indications that Root Canal Treatment may be Required Include:

Lingering tooth sensitivity to cold liquids Lingering tooth sensitivity to hot liquids Tooth sensitivity to sweets Tooth pain to biting pressure Impulsive toothache, such as that experienced while reading a book, walking or other normal daily activities Constant or intermittent tooth pain Severe tooth pain Throbbing tooth pain Tooth pain that may occur in response to atmospheric pressure changes such as when flying or scuba diving Tissue swelling of the face

Fast Effective Treatment with Rotary Instrumentation

At Divine Digital Dentistry​ we have incorporated the Rotary instrumentation technique for shaping and cleaning the canals, which makes the appointment periods much shorter and the cleaning more efficient. Root canal treatments do not need to be painful experiences! Our patients experience minimum discomfort during and after Root Canal Treatment.

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