For many of us, by the time we are in our thirties or forties the cracks are
beginning to show.

Some of us have crunched front teeth on the edge of the
pool or dismounted the skateboard or scooter face first. Add to that the natural wear and tear and very often the edges of your front teeth are uneven to say the least.

The shape of the front teeth is very important. Not just for your looks, but to protect and control the rate of wear and tear on the whole system. In fact the shape is more important than the colour. Think of that friend of yours who has that chunk missing from a front tooth.

Take a look in the mirror. If your front teeth are uneven and blunt looking then this wear process is happening to you and will be getting worse.

Some people wear the teeth right down to the gumline and in that case it is very difficult and expensive to fix and the chances of success are slim.

Fortunately we can rebuild the edges of the teeth if we act at the right time. The front six teeth act as a unit functionally and aesthetically and very often we can put back what has been chipped or worn away without having to cut the tooth
any further.

This means we can do the treatment without anaesthetic!

We are replacing what has worn away with a high quality composite resin that is bonded directly to the cleaned surface of the tooth. The material is matched to the shade of your own teeth and usually the result is undetectable.

Your teeth will feel a bit different afterwards obviously but usually after a week or so it is back to normal.

This is a durable, cost-effective solution to the problem of tooth wear and other
kinds of damage to front teeth. It is suitable for almost everyone!

It costs just $2895 for the front six teeth or $56 a week.

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